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From a spirit of adventure,
discovery, education & just plain
fun, Dirt Dauber Deb's was born!
Now we bring the fun & excitement
of gem mining to you!
Whether it's a birthday party,  
hurch bazaar, festival or school
field trip, we can cater to your
needs.  We bring the gem sluice,
screens and our ore, filled with a
rainbow assortment of gems &
minerals right to your location.
Let us know how we can work with
your curriculum. We also discount
for schools & daycares.
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Typical party set-up
Product tables and
flume areas can expand
Mining starts with a
bucket of ore
Ore is placed 1 scoop
at a time in screen
Pick out and keep
your beautiful gems!
The fine sand is
washed away
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Inside & outside access
We use sand & gravel so
we're never muddy!
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