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Welcome to my jewelry store!
Many of my pieces are hand made by me or other artisans. If you would like me
to custom-make a piece for you, don't hesitate to email me at:
SS-A : Sterling Silver Argentium*                    
SP: Silver Plated
GP: Gold Plated                                                   
GF: Gold Filled
CW: Colored Wire                                               
CE: Color Enhanced
*Argentium is Sterling Silver
with a tiny bit of Germanium
in it to make it extremely
tarnish resistant.

NOTE: Chains not included unless specified
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Turquoise & Crystals
Necklace & Earrings
Item #1012  
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Jasper (dyed) Pendant
Set in SS Item 1004
Marble & Copper Set
Item 1016 $58
SALE $48
Imperial Jasper set in SP
Item 1018 was $25
SALE $20
Gray & Pink Jasper set in SP
Item 1019 was $25
SALE $20
Snowman Pendant
Item #1017
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SS Peridot Set  
Item #1031
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Mystic Topaz Pendant &
Earrings Set in SS Item 1037
SS Amethyst Pendant &
Earrings Set  Item #1046   
SS Larimar, Ethiopian Opals, Silver & Blue
Topaz & Moonstone Set Item #1032
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Ruby & Zoisite Pendant
Set in SS Item 1002
SS Oval Kyanite Set
Item #1038  
SS Pink Tourmaline
Set Item #1039  
SS Oval Amethyst Set
Item #1040  
SS Azotic Topaz Set
Item #1041  
SS Chrome Diopside
Item #1042  
SS Moonstone Set
Ring sz6 Item #1043
SS Opal Set
Item #1044  
SS Presolite Set
Item #1045
SS Garnet Set
Item #3017
SS Ethiopian Opal Set
Item #1047